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Voluntary Benefits

Supplemental Life

Employees may purchase, as part of MICA's benefits program, an additional amount of life insurance for oneself in increments of $10,000. The maximum coverage amount is $500,000, and the guaranteed issue amount is $100,000. Any amount one elects over the $100,000 during one's initial benefits election requires that one submits evidence of insurability. (See Human Resources for an Evidence of Insurability Application). Electing supplemental life insurance after one's initial benefits election also requires submission of evidence of insurability. The cost of supplemental insurance is based on the employee's current age.

Spouse/Partner Life Insurance

Employees may also purchase life insurance for a spouse/partner. There is a flat amount maximum of $30,000 with a guaranteed issued amount of $10,000. Evidence of insurability is required for any amount over $10,000. The cost of spouse/partner insurance is based on the employee's current age.

Dependent Life Insurance

Employees may purchase life insurance for one's dependent child/ren. The benefit flat amount of life insurance is $5,000 per child at a minimal cost. Eligible children are children who are the employee's legal children up to the age of 19. If a full time student, children are covered to the age of 25, (student verification required.)

For further information contact:
Phone: 800-523-5065

Please note there is an age reduction rule for both Basic and Supplemental life Insurance.

AFLAC Personal Short Term Disability

If an employee is not eligible for the College's short term disability, then employees may choose to purchase short-term disability insurance through AFLAC (see Short Term Disability in the Core Benefits section.)
This policy provides benefits if the employee becomes disabled due to a covered sickness or off the job injury.

  • You may choose the Benefit Period, (3 months, 6 months).
  • Elimination period is 0 days accident, 7 days sick.
  • This Disability plan protects your income if you become sick or injured.
  • Monthly benefits will vary, subject to income verification requirements.

AFLAC Voluntary Plans

Important facts to know about AFLAC plans:

  • If you need more information regarding the policies, or would like to set up an appointment with our AFLAC representative, make that indication when on the Benelogic site.
  • All AFLAC Plans are transportable. The policy stays with you wherever you go, as long as you pay the premiums.
  • Your premiums will be automatically deducted from your paycheck.
  • AFLAC pays the policy benefits directly to you, unless you assign them.
  • Partners are eligible for separate individual or single-parent policies. These plans would be on a post-tax basis.

AFLAC Hospital Protection Plan (Level Two)

This benefit includes
• Daily confinement benefit
• Surgical benefit

AFLAC Hospital Intensive Care (Level Two)

This policy pays employees a daily benefit for covered treatment in Hospital Intensive Care. This benefit includes:
• Daily Hospital Intensive Care Unit Benefit
• Daily Sub-Acute Intensive Care Unit Benefit

AFLAC Life Insurance

AFLAC offers term life insurance, whole life insurance or a combination of both. In addition, the health questions on the employee's application for coverage do not require a medical exam or blood test.

Renewable Term Policy

• Renewable and convertible term life insurance
• Coverage available from ages 18 to 65
• Choice of benefits of $12,500, $25,000, $50,000, $75,000 or $100,000
• Optional riders available for spouse or children

Whole Life Coverage

• Choice of benefits $10,000 to $50,000 in increments of $5,000
• Builds cash value
• Policy loan provision
• Waiver of premium Benefit
• Accelerated Death Benefit
• Portable
• Optional Accidental Death Benefit Rider

AFLAC Life Insurance Rates

Coverage amounts vary along with the costs of the plan as rates are based on current age.

AFLAC Personal Accident Expense

This policy pays the employee for treatment for injuries sustained in a covered accident. This benefit includes:
• Emergency treatment benefit
• Initial hospitalization benefit
• Hospital confinement benefit
• Specific-sum injuries benefit
• Accidental-death benefit
• Wellness benefit

AFLAC Personal Cancer Protection Plan (Level Two)

This policy pays the following benefits if employees are diagnosed with cancer:
• First-Occurrence Benefit
• Hospital Confinement Benefit
• Radiation and Chemotherapy Benefit
• Experimental Treatment Benefit
• Anti-Nausea Benefit
• Nursing Services Benefit
• Surgical/Anesthesia Benefit
• Skin Cancer Surgery Benefit
• Prosthesis Benefit

Lower and higher level coverage is also available. Please see AFLAC Representatives for details.

For further information contact:
Lynette Busch
Phone: 301-390-5133 or 540-717-3954

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Authorized by the Internal Revenue Service, a Flexible Spending Account, (FSA), is a tax-advantaged way to pay for certain medical and/or dependent care expenses. This added benefit allows you to pay for these expenses using pre-tax dollars; therefore, your taxable income is lowered, resulting in a higher take home pay. The flexible spending accounts run from June 1st through May 31st. Open enrollment for flexible spending accounts is in April each year. The money you set aside for both the medical reimbursement and the dependent care reimbursement flexible spending accounts is tax-free. You can elect to deposit a maximum of $2,500 into your medical reimbursement account and/or a maximum of $5,000 into your dependent care reimbursement flexible spending account. Since this program is regulated by the Federal Government, there are strict rules to take into consideration when setting funds aside. According to Federal Regulations, if you do not use the money toward eligible expenses in the benefits year, the money is not refunded or usable in any form.

For further information contact:
Phone: 1-800-422-4661

Vision Care Benefits

Employees may purchase vision care benefits for oneself and one's family through UnitedHealthcare Vision. The plan is a comprehensive vision benefit plan.

For further information contact:
UnitedHealthcare Vision Provider Locator: 800-839-3242
UnitedHealthcare Vision Customer Service Center: 800-638-3120